First Words…

This is the beginning of a new project in which I intent to present for consideration and discussion a new paradigm for knowing mind, cosmos, and spirituality.

Initially, Noetic Triune will be preliminary and quite incomplete. Hopefully, over time it will evolve and mature. Along the way I intend to develop, present, and update basic content on the weblog Pages. In Posts I will offer new thoughts and  information about content; perhaps invite others to contribute posts, too. Comments, including discussions, will be attached to Pages and Posts.

If all goes well, eventually Noetic Triune will evolve into a robust, reasoned presentation and discussion of the idea of a noetic triune and, hopefully, will become a useful paradigm, a new way of thinking about and knowing better mind, nonlocal reality, and meaning.

I invite and encourage thougtful, constructive posts.

– Tom Nielsen


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