Platonic Ideas and the Laws of Physics

The notion of a Noetic Triune, Idea↔Image↔Import, shouldn’t be too unpalatable to most mathematical physicists and cosmologists if Paul Davies assertion and explanation are correct.

In an interview conducted a few hours before his 2012 talk, The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe? Davies discussed with colleague Charley Lineweaver some of his ideas about intelligence, life, and the laws of physics.


Regarding Davies’ question, “Where did the laws come from?” the conversation, in part, goes:

Davies: …the laws of the universe didn’t pop into existence with the laws imprinted on it…like…vumpt…the maker’s mark, just after it appears; that the laws, somehow, exist in some abstract manner, some Platonic manner, independently of the universe.

Lineweaver: So you are saying that most of your colleagues [in mathematical physics and cosmology] are on which school of thought?

Davies: On the Platonic school of thought…. The laws of physics exist independently of the universe and that these laws are universal, eternal, absolute, and immutable….

Lineweaver: And that reminded you of the mind of god?

Davies: Absolutely. Because it came straight out of Christian theology.

Listen to this interesting interview, especially the part beginning at approximate 13:08.

For more on Platonic ideas, see Appendix A4. Origins of Noetic Triune.

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