Dossey: One Mind & Creativity

The noetic triune—idea↔image↔importprovides a useful paradigm for exploring the components and processes of creativity. In her book, Mind of the Maker – God the Creator as reflected in artistic imaginationDorothy Sayers first conceived and articulated the insight that the triune nature of artistic creativity reflected the creative nature of the Christian Holy Trinity. Extrapolating from this, the noetic triune applies her insight to a broader, secular understanding of the creative components and processes of nonlocal mind, physical reality, and intellectual and spiritual meaning.

In his latest book, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters, Larry Dossey, MD presents and discusses his book’s title thesis and the research supporting the idea of the existence of an immaterial, nonlocal mine–one mind. And in a related post, Where Does Creativity Come From? published in HuffPost, Dossey answers the question, offering examples of historical thought and contemporary research, suggesting that a universal, nonlocal, collective mind–one mind–is the creative source. 

The evidence and perspective Dossey offer are easily assimilated by–i.e., fit and support–the noetic triune. In turn, the noetic triune provides the conceptual framework for comprehending how idea↔image↔import are mutually, creatively in-formed; how creativity is the function of reciprocal in-forming of idea↔image↔import.

Be sure to explore the book and post, check out other related references, and visit Dossey’s website for more about him and his creative work. For examples of nonlocal mind and creativity, consider these.

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