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‘learn to think like gnostics,..’

The journal NeuroQuantology recently published an invited paper by Philip Carter titled Consciousness and Perception in Higher-Dimensional Quantum Space-time1 which, I believe, is a particularly significant work, fostering an approach to a worldview compatible with and complimentary to a noetic triune worldview.

In the Conclusion, Carter tells us:

The central message of this paper is that, in order to solve physics, we must learn to think like gnostics, to think in terms of inner space and not just outer space,…2

Indeed you will as Carter ‘s framework for consciousness includes two imaginary planes, inner dimensions added to the classical three dimensions of physical, outer space.

The paper is structured in two parts: in the first,

[a] higher-dimensional spacetime model is proposed, accounting for nonlocal quantum phenomena while embracing Special Relativity as a limiting case;3

while in the second

…a consciousness model within the higher- dimensional spacetime framework, integrating elements of physics, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics4

is introduced.

Carter depicts the complete two-part model in Figure 21.5

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The quantum spacetime model provides the basis for an explanation of nonlocality and entanglement unaccountable within Special Relativity. The consciousness model incorporates  what Carter terms esoteric ideas and knowledge derived from adepts,  philosophical and spiritual thinkers and practitioners. He contrasts orthodox Aristotelian and gnostic Platonic views, arguing that

… science, and in particular physics, have indeed been hindered by deeply entrenched [orthodox] philosophical and theological predispositions, tracing their roots back to the early centuries of Christianity and before.6

Definitely not a no-braner

The paper is no simple read in the park. Those who go beyond this simplistic, abbreviated description are in for some tough slogging. They must be prepared to engage with such challenging physics constructs as: Minkowski spacetime (Figure 27); the gravitational wavefunction; 3-, 4-, and 5-branes; the Transactional Interpretation (TI) of quantum mechanics; and offering and confirming standing waves. Dare I also mention such esoteric notions as: the identity of space and consciousness; objective and subjective space; emotional energy and relative motion in imaginary (i) space; and the ensuing physics of perception–just to name a few others.

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Does a photon experience time?

Well, to find out you’ll just have to read Quantum Spacetime and ConsciousnessIt will be well worth the effort to engage with Carter’s fresh thinking. I hope you will appreciate the enlightenment of a promising integral worldview of physics and consciousness, one that joins inner and outer, real and imaginary space and, possibly, provides further insights into the physics of a noetic triune.

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