First Words…

This is the beginning of a new project in which I intent to present for consideration and discussion a new paradigm for knowing mind, cosmos, and spirituality.

Initially, Noetic Triune will be preliminary and quite incomplete. Hopefully, over time it will evolve and mature. Along the way I intend to develop, present, and update basic content on the weblog Pages. In Posts I will offer new thoughts and  information about content; perhaps invite others to contribute posts, too. Comments, including discussions, will be attached to Pages and Posts.

If all goes well, eventually Noetic Triune will evolve into a robust, reasoned presentation and discussion of the idea of a noetic triune and, hopefully, will become a useful paradigm, a new way of thinking about and knowing better mind, nonlocal reality, and meaning.

I invite and encourage thougtful, constructive posts.

– Tom Nielsen

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used 
when we created them.
Albert Einstein

If you want to change the world, change the metaphor.
             – Joseph Campbell

[T]he Trinitarian structure which can be shown to exist in the mind
of man and in all his works 
is, in fact,
the integral structure of the universe,…
Dorothy Sayers